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I am very pleased with the care provided by Dr. Tony Wu.  When
experiencing an emergency Dr. Wu immediately arranged his schedule to
take care of me.  After each appointment I receive an email as a
follow up to my visit. Finally, I rarely have to wait when I arrive
for each appointment. I think you will have the same positive
experience I have had.

Andre, University Professor

Dr. Tony Wu is kind, gentle and professional. He has never made me feel rushed and takes the time to explain everything he is doing. He will educate you on the condition of your teeth and gums and lets you decide what treatment you are ready to complete. Dr. Wu has filled several cavities for me and they are not even noticeable—no ugly metal. I have the highest praise for his abilities.

-Sandra, University Administrator

Dr. Wu is very patient with his clients.  He talks to you before he does any kind of work. He answers all questions, address concerns, and explains what you need in detail.  And while you are being worked on, he constantly checks to see how you are doing.  He even calls you at home to make sure you are all right.  And that is great in my book!!!

-Joy, University Staff

Dear Dr. Wu:

I would like to convey my compliments on the quality of your practice, and of your work in particular.

My experience of treatment from you was entirely painless and I am delighted with the results. Your manner and professionalism made me feel entirely at ease and confident in the procedures recommended. I was delighted to find my experience of visiting the dentist not only pain and stress free but enjoyable and interesting. You explained all aspects of my treatment and handled my curiosity with courtesy and good humor. You are clearly an extremely meticulous and knowledgeable practitioner. Furthermore, your interaction with supporting staff promoted a positive and pleasant atmosphere.

I hope that you will convey my appreciation to all of the staff at the practice, who I found to be pleasant and good-natured to the last person.

Yours sincerely,

-Nicola, New York City

I never thought I'd say I look forward to a trip to the dentist but you and your staff have made my dental experience "painless" in more ways than one.  As a dentist you no doubt realize, without taking it personally, that most patients come with a feeling of anxiety at the thought of having sharp metal objects probe their soft, sensitive mouths.  In response, you "comfort" accordingly by providing technological savvy equipment, the most comfortable dentist chair ever sat in, and the welcome distraction of digital cable with headphones to drown out the drilling and other necessary noises.  You and your staff are kind and accommodating, which I have found to be a very rare but welcome quality in my encounters with those in the field of dentistry.  I also appreciate you sharing your expert knowledge and kind suggestions as to the most effective preventative care for my teeth and gums.

From the very content mouth of
-Jennifer, University Staff

Before I went to Dr. Wu, I was scared to go to a dentist in New York.  Now I know that a visit to Dr. Wu's office is like a visit to the salon --with a little numbness, of course :)

-Irene, University Staff

Dear Dr. Wu,

I am writing to thank you. You took such interest in the work that you did for me and I am truly grateful.  I think you are a wonderful caring doctor and person.  I love my new smile :)  I received a lot of positive feedback from my family and friends.  Once again, thank you for a job well done! Take care.

-Deanna, New York City

I have been searching for about 5 years for a good dentist that will suit me. I have finally found him and his name is Dr. Tony Wu. His work, as far as I am concerned, is of great quality; his customer service, amazing. If you can't get in touch with him through the phone, he is easily accessible by email and he responds promptly. The most amount of time that I have waited in his waiting room is probably 5 minutes. I have problems with insurance sometimes and he is always willing to compromise and give me great deals. It is always easy to talk to him if I am concerned about something and we always discuss the work to be done and alternatives if there are any. He is the only dentist that I have been with who shows me the cavity that he is about to fill. This to me is really important!

Marketing Support Manager
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, NY

I came to Dr. Wu after a friend highly recommended him. I was in need of a bit of work from cavities to a root canal to a veneer. In addition, I got my teeth whitened by Dr. Wu. All of this work took place over the course of about 6 months. Throughout that time Dr. Wu catered to my schedule and was very helpful in fulfilling my needs as a patient. I felt that he was always looking out for the best options for me. Beyond that, he always followed up to be sure that things were ok with my teeth, even after I left his office.  Overall I was very pleased with the outcome of all of the work that was done. I would recommend Dr. Wu to anyone looking for a dentist in the area.

-Gretchen, New York, NY.

I used to think that the last person I ever wanted to see was the dentist.  Visits to Dr. Wu have changed my perspectives.  He is very professional, patient, and kind.  Before my root canal treatment, Dr. Wu showed me a video which helped me understand causes of the problem and procedures of treatment.  During each visit, he explained to me what he was going to do and answered all of my questions to minimize my concerns.  After each visit, Dr. Wu would follow up with me either by phone or email to make sure that I was fine.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wu to anyone looking for a dentist because of his professionalism and quality work.

-Pavan, Microsoft

I chose Dr. Tony Wu to be my dentist after I moved to New York because he takes the time to connect with his patients.  He always explains each procedure and its cost before any work is done, and also welcomes any questions I may have.  Dr. Wu makes me feel at ease, especially because I'm needle-phobic, and always accomodates my student schedule when making appointments.  I've recommended him to my friends in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

-Erin, New York City

Dr. Wu, Thank you for giving me a brighter smile!
Fala Chen
2004 Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant Champion
Dear Dr. Wu,
I would like to extend my gratitude for the wonderful work you did on my tooth. My front veneer looks amazing, no one can tell its a fake! 
You explained the procedure step by step and made me feel 100 percent confident of my decision. 
I'm very happy with my results.
You're a great dentist and I would recommend you to anyone!
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